Hi, I’m Josh! Welcome to Book & Page, my reading project! In 2016 I set the goal to read 10,000 pages each year. Since then, some years have been better than others, but I find that the goal motivates me to put down my phone and pick up a book. To up the ante, I recently had the ambitious idea of aiming to read 1,000,000 pages in my lifetime, which would boil down to ~15,000 pages a year. I plan to make up the difference in retirement 😄 Follow along as I read my way to 1,000,000 pages!

<aside> 🏁 All-Time Goal 7.9% complete, with 79,135 pages out of 1,000,000 goal read. Annual Goal 28.4% complete, with 2,844 pages out of 10,000 goal read


<aside> 💵 Money Saved Reading From Library: $329.14


<aside> ✅ Just Finished: The Bean Trees


<aside> 📖 Currently Reading:

…but to read something after this fashion is to be a reader whom writers respect. It is by the means of such readers that masterpieces are helped into the world.

If the moralists ask us how we can justify our love of reading, we can make use of some such excuse as this. But if we are honest, we know that no such excuse is needed. It is true that we get nothing whatsoever except pleasure from reading; it is true that the wisest of us is unable to say what that pleasure may be. But that pleasure—mysterious, unknown, useless as it is—is enough. That pleasure is so curious, so complex, so immensely fertilizing to the mind of anyone who enjoys it, and so wide in its effects, that it would not be in the least surprising to discover, on the day of judgment when secrets are revealed and the obscure is made plain, that the reason why we have grown from pigs to men and women, and come out from our caves, and dropped our bows and arrows, and sat round the fire and talked and drunk and made merry and given to the poor and helped the sick and made pavements and houses and erected some sort of shelter and society on the waste of the world, is nothing but this: we have loved reading.

How Should One Read a Book?

— Virginia Woolf


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